If you require through-the-night security to include out of hours telephone answering, door security, access control and patrolling of premises, the Calas Security Services’ night porter service is ideal.

We have a team of highly experienced and professional vetted and licenced security staff who are able to provide night porter services for your business.


Our team are trained to the highest standards to operate CCTV for video surveillance tasks, patrol the premises, detect intrusion, deal with intrusion situations and to also provide telephone answering when there are no staff to do so.

If the premises are open to visitors or the public at night (for example a hotel), our security staff are also able to offer protection against assault and control dangerous situations.

If you would like to book a consultation for a night porter service in Somerset, Cornwall, Devon, Gloucestershire or Wiltshire, please contact Calas Security today on 0800 0029855.