What would you do if the alarms went off at your business premises? What if you are busy when they go off? What if you are away and can’t get there? What if you attend and find an armed thief at the scene?

As you can see the risks with dealing with alarm response yourself are high. It can be inconvenient, not to mention dangerous, if a criminal who does not want to be caught is still on the scene when you arrive.

Calas Alarm Response

Calas Security Services, based in Somerset, provide alarm response services for business across Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Devon, Cornwall and Somerset and we respond extremely quickly if an alarm sounds to limit the damage.

The alarm response service is coupled with our key holding service to allow our responders to enter a property and turn off the alarm should it be a false alarm, so give us a call today if you’d like to discuss your security needs and consider our alarm response service for your business.

Upon notification of an alarm, we will send a vetted, professional and licenced security staff member to the premises with a secure signed vehicle, which in many cases is deterrent enough if a criminal is still on site. Should intrusion be detected on arrival, our staff are fully trained on how to deal with the situation to minimise risk and limit damage to your business, and if necessary will contact the police to have criminals brought to justice.

In our experience however, alarms can easily be set off falsely by animals and so on, in which case it can be inconvenient and costly to deal with the problem yourself. With our alarm response key holders, such situations can quickly be dealt with and security reset.

Call us now on 0800 0029855 if you feel that alarm response and key holding services would be of use to your business.